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    Hi All,

    As we had to buy Bandits a few weeks ago ( We brought crawlers and harnesses, but the Bandit bite was much better) and now will look to get a good variety of bandits for future use, what are your must have colors? Sorry I'm sure this gets discussed alot. I see alot of people like the IB Frozen custom. I know we had good luck on a custom color just like Smithwichs "Marvin" though I dont know its actual name in the custom Bandit world. Any helpful hints would be appreciated. I know alot of people run cromes on Sunny days, so there's a difference in sunny vs overcast days, but was wondering if theres a color or two you always start with that I should purchase.

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    The best stock color is blue chrome.I would buy two of them off the bat.Other good stock colors are khaki,humble bee,blackheaded wonderbread and taco salad.For custom colors,I B frozen is one of the best.Another good custom is Huff Daddy,R C crush,pink lemonaide,poohbear purple and poohbear chartruse.

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    My go to stock colors is 2062,deep flush . I always seem to have a Pooh Bear purple , rc crush - flash on . Check out DJ custom's the guy just seems to know what colors works .

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    Sorry 2052

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    Most of the custom colors are going to be the same from a painter regardless of what bait it is. You can get a Pinky Slipper from DJ Customeyes Lures on a Bandit, P10s, DDHJ, Flicker Minnow etc. Some of them such as IB Frozen are the same name from multiple painters.

    My go-to stock colors are Clown, Blue Shiner and Fruit Dots. As far as what colors I pick on a certain day, a lot of that depends on the conditions. If the water is muddy, I'll use more muted colors like Khaki, if it's overcast or at night I like darker colors that provide more contrast when the fish is looking up at the bait. If it's sunny and clear water, anything that is going to reflect that light so chrome or foil finishes like Blue Chrome or Blue Shiner.

    The reason so many people like IB Frozen is that it is dark and has glitter in the finish. It works in almost every scenario and is always on at least 1 of my lines. The same goes for Clown. Dark colors and a ton of glitter make it a great color in every condition.

    Some other stock colors that I have had great success with are Fruit Dots, Parakeet and Chartreuse Black Back. Some other customs I like are M and M and Splatterback Perch (Both DJ Customs).

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