I knew it was going to be a rough day on the lake when i arrived to prep the boat at 5:30 AM with that stiff chilly north wind. My crew arrived a little late we headed north to the Canada line at 6:30 and set a south troll. We set bandits at the same 55 and 65 no weights and 50/60, 50/70, 50/80 and 50/90. all chrome again with the full sunshine sticking with the orange belly. We pulled a 5 man limit and two for the captain reeling up. speed was 1.8 to 2.2 bouncing around on the waves. A lot less boats today made trolling a little easier. The walleye are really scattered in the water column catching them from 13 feet down to 30'. We wrapped up at 10:30 and filleted them up and sent them home with some nice bags of walleye.
north wind AM trip 5/31-6120-010-jpg