Happy Memorial Day!

What a beautiful day out on the lake today. We had only one customer, Michael from New Jersey. We started out NE of Middle Bass Island in 42 FOW. We switched over to spoons because the day before we ran half bandits, half spoons, and the spoons beat bandits 2-1 easily.

We had only one line out and were starting to set up the second one when wham that first line hit hard. It was a 29 inch, 10.2 pound hog. Which is always a great way to start. We ended with our 3 person limit in a few hours. Just as the heat and bugs were starting to get bad. Michael also wanted to get a head start on the traffic.

We trolled 2.0-2.3 mph with Tru Trip jet divers set at 80-100 back. Silver green, silver blue & blueberry muffin did well.

Michael ended up with 62 lbs at the cleaners. Which made him and his wife very happy!

Memorial Day Fishing-thumbnail_20200525_063623-jpgMemorial Day Fishing-thumbnail_20200525_111240-jpgMemorial Day Fishing-thumbnail_20200524_144705-jpgMemorial Day Fishing-thumbnail_20200525_063648-jpg