Lake Erie Walleye Spawning Lake Erie Walleye Spawning Lake Erie Walleye Spawning Lake Erie Walleye Spawning
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    Default Lake Erie Walleye Spawning

    Do lake erie walleyes drop all their eggs in one night or do they drop them over multiple nights?

    It seems some of the bigger fish I caught last week did have spawn but not as fat/plump as I would have thought. This made me think that maybe the drop their eggs over several days?

    Anyone know the facts here, how long it takes for a walleye to drop all of her eggs?

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    They do not all spawn in 1 night.........often older females drop eggs sooner than younger. Why I don't know........but typical the dropping period extends over several weeks
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    If your talking about a single female, then yes they spawn out all their eggs over a few hours. Once they start ovulating they continue until spent. As for the whole Walleye population, they usually mature over about a 2-3 week period. There is usually a a few days where there's a peak and a large part of the population spawn during that period. That's usually a 5-7 day period of peak spawning. It doesn't just happen at night. usually young fish show up first on the spawning grounds and are less successful then prime fish in optimum health.

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