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    Default Ottawa County Ramps

    Ottawa County Sheriff's Office - K9 Unit
    April 4 at 3:26 PM ·
    Another message from Sheriff Levorchick:

    Hello everyone,
    I would like to share some information with each of you that is critical to Ottawa County.
    First, as we have all seen, there has been a very large influx of out of state fisherman in our area. Although the State of Ohio has warned against it, they still come.
    I have asked the state to close all fishing ramps in Ohio, which could help. Also, I shared an idea given to me by Captain Kent Davis. This idea is for the State of Ohio to stop selling out of state fishing licenses. This could be of huge benefit since most out of state licenses do not last the entire season.

    Lastly, our deputies continue to serve our community in so many different functions. As members of YOUR Ottawa County Sheriff's Office, we try to always do the best we can, especially during trying times such as these.
    Thank you for caring for each other. Thank you for staying home whenever possible. Thank you for keeping yourself and your family healthy. But most of all, thank you for supporting us.
    Sheriff Steve Levorchick

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    Fake news..bulls%%it

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    Quote Originally Posted by stanton21 View Post
    Fake news..bulls%%it
    I don’t think so. The state has shut down out of state license sales and there was one boater that I know of that received a citation for not following the 6 ft rule for social distancing. I didn’t believe it either until I saw the ticket.

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    I have heard the county health board has been asking for this for some time now
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    I read it on the Ottawa county sheriff facebook page . also read they are stopping selling fishing and hunting licences to out of state residents..

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    The public ramps are state run,so the state would have to decide to shut them down.Ottawa county or the sheriff cannot shut them down.Seams the county has asked the state to shut them down but the governor has said still ok to fish.Sure the state and ODNR will be monitoring the social distancing at ramps and on boats and procede accordingly.

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    They can give you a fine now for not staying at home order. Only can go to work,store or pharmacy. I guess a lot of people just don't care about others. Oh I forgot, this is the lake. Rules don't count.

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    Trophytime, where did you read that they can now give you a fine? I see no updated order from governor closing outdoor activities

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    Well if they don't, they should. What part of stay at home don't people understand?

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    Welcome to socialism. I don't need a government that protects me from all risks....liberty has risk.

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