Can you fish during this mandatory stay at home order? Can you fish during this mandatory stay at home order? Can you fish during this mandatory stay at home order? Can you fish during this mandatory stay at home order?
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    Default Can you fish during this mandatory stay at home order?

    Iím curious if you can still drive to launch your boat or drive to the marina where your boat is docked? I read the order on what is essentially allowed but nothing is said about fishing or boating.

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    I heard the Governor of Ohio say go fishing, go to the metro parks, get outside, just practice the social distancing.
    I would say we can fish.

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    Ya I believe that we're aloud to fish from everything I've read

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    Isn't fishing almost like like going to the store to get fact I'm sure I will be in contact with alot less ppl on a trip than I would be by going to the store
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    I plan on fishing. I have a question for the charter captains. You have clients that are from out of town and out of state. How do you practice social distancing and how are you protecting yourself?

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    Along the same lines... if the motel I would be staying at doesnít close the doors, coming by myself for a couple days from Wisconsin - is it seen as irresponsible? I would live out of the motel room, be alone all the time... maybe around someone while cleaning fish. Eat out of a cooler in room. As residents of the area, would you be offended to have me there?

    Cheap gas, rooms available, out of work, things may not be this easy ever again.

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    Social distancing of six foot on a charter boat could be difficult at the same time last I heard fishing is an outdoor activity. That being said I AM GOING F I S H I N G me and my dog. LOL

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    Worth a call for sure!

    In Chicago they just sent out a notice all docks, harbors, landings, storage facilities, and such are closed until April 7th.

    In WI we do not have a stay at home order, yet, but our charter boat organization contact our local representative and we were told that charter fishing would be considered non-essential and therefor not be allow to operate should an order be put in place.

    EDIT: WI now is getting the Stay at Home mandate as well, no specific yet.
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    I would consider the middle of lake Erie as one of the safer places to be. Taking my fishing away would rank right up there with taking my guns away. I will be there in 11 days and counting!

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    I just read that they are closing all State Park Marina's . I hope we're still able to launch boats at the state boat ramps!

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