Can you fish during this mandatory stay at home order? Can you fish during this mandatory stay at home order? Can you fish during this mandatory stay at home order? Can you fish during this mandatory stay at home order?
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    Ohio Department of Natural Resources
    6 hrs ·

    In response to the developing public health situation with COVID-19 and the Ohio Department of Health’s Stay At Home Order, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will be closing campgrounds, cabins, golf courses, restrooms, shower houses, playgrounds, and state park marinas at all ODNR properties effective March 24, 2020 to protect the health of both visitors and staff.

    Public outdoor spaces at Ohio state parks, wildlife areas, forests, and nature preserves including trails, dog parks, and non-marina docks remain open at this time, but visitors should use common sense and follow guidance from the National Recreation and Park Association for staying safe (Page Not Found | National Recreation and Park Association).

    For more information on COVID-19 and ODH’s recommendations on prevention and preparation, please visit

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    I wonder that myself as after watching the Governors speech regarding the “stay at home” order and having a friends husband stopped by the Ohio Highway Patrol for a check of the essential business that required him being on the road I just don’t know. I would say probably not.

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    so the boat launches remain open like mazuricks the way im reading this

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    mazuricks is a state launch also so would think it would be closed too

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    Weird I think it said, state marinas closed (wherever those are) and state docks open, does that mean state launch IDK

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    The way I understand it is that the launchs should be open . I was hoping somebody local would help us out on this I'm two hours away .

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    First I'll say I'm only offering an opinion here. The ODNR statement posted here said "non-marina docks remain open at this time." I think the intent here is to say that State Park marina docks (also slips) are off limits or closed. These would be the marinas were you come in and dock your boat. Stay for awhile or overnight. Like Middle Bass Island State Park or the dock at South Bass State park. I would not think the intent is to close launch ramps that technically have a "dock" associated with them (the part you walk out on). One or two or three people from the same city or town that don't have any of the symptoms would probably be fine. It's outdoor non-group (read not soccer or softball, etc.) recreation. Follow the social guidelines when out. I would think that is OK.

    Now, a charter boat with 6 people from out of state or from various locations in Ohio is probably a different situation. The "head boats" even more so. I have no doubt we'll hear from a charter operation on here soon to let us know what they have been told.

    Until we hear something specifically addressing this issue, I would think if you want to go fishing, go. Just keep in mind the number of people you will have on your boat, and where they are from. Follow all the social guidelines. Have some fun, catch some meals, but do it smart and cautiously.
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    FYI to all Charter Captains. That is a big No Go on Charters. . This is best for all involved.

    Michigan Charter Boat Association1 hr
    Captains: Important information from Gary Hagler, Chief, MDNR, LED.
    Attn: Any charter excursion prior to April 13th would be in violation of the governor's orders. Any law enforcement agency, DNR, State, County Sheriff or local would enforce.
    Note: Continued reservations are appropriate, it is just operating on the water during this period.

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    This would be for Michigan based charters in Michigan Waters. I believe that Ohio’s dates are a bit different.

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    This is for info only. So no one get caught in Michigan waters with a full boat.

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