Day Two: Fishing with Mary and Nancy 10/29/19 Day Two: Fishing with Mary and Nancy 10/29/19 Day Two: Fishing with Mary and Nancy 10/29/19 Day Two: Fishing with Mary and Nancy 10/29/19
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    Default Day Two: Fishing with Mary and Nancy 10/29/19

    I picked my crew up at 6am from the White Caps Motel and we headed into town to gas up the truck, pick up minnows and ice from Hi Way Bait, and stop off at Bopper's for some breakfast. (I know, I previously said that we would be hitting Berardi's in Huron for breakfast, but they didn't open until 7am, so it was a timing thing. Besides, Big B's has Pumpkin Pancakes with caramel sauce and whipped cream right now....and, just for the record, they are delicious!)

    After breakfast we headed to Huron to launch and were at the mouth of the river just in time for the sunrise....timing is everything....and, it's a good way to start my day off on a good note. lol

    The plan was to find some piggy perch over by the Castle, or near Vermilion, where I was last Friday.

    The Helix wasn't showing me much when we passed out in front of the Castle though. There were a few boats there already, but I didn't see them doing much at that time, so I headed to Vermilion to check it out. The Helix showed about the same marks that were there this past Friday, but we only caught 3 there, and they were not pigs like the last time. was...but, the other two were just your average 8-9 inchers.

    I asked Mary and Nancy if they wanted to go try to do some walleye fishing, as they had never trolled for walleye before. They were both interested, so I pulled out the trolling rods and Off Shore boards while they kept fishing. When I was ready, I turned the Spot Loc off and turned the Ulterra's head 90 degrees, to turn us around, so we could head east. We were 1/2 way between Vermilion and the Castle by this time.

    I set the speed at 1.5-1.6 mph. We ran 6 Bandits out 100-117 back (unassisted) behind the boards, targeting the suspended fish in the 19-20 foot range over 35 to 36 feet of water. The water temp was still 55 degrees today, so it didn't go down any since yesterday.

    Mary and Nancy did very well in learning how to attach the boards, and set them out in marching soldier fashion. I explained what they will do when a fish is on, and, then, how to bring in a board from its place in the line up. They did very well, and learned quickly. They seemed to enjoy it too, so that made me happy.

    The Bandits colors that worked for us today were: Red Headed Wonderbread, Black Headed Wonderbread, RC Crush, Golden Boy, and Blue/Chrome.

    After we put 10 nice chunky walleye in the box, we went to see if the perch bite had turned on more as the day progressed, but we would only catch a few more. I think there were a total of 7 or 8 perch today, so that was a bit disappointing. If we wouldn't have wasted so much time this morning looking for perch to bite, we could have easily gotten our 3 person limit on walleye in less than two hours, and, then, gone to find some perch. But, we all know how that goes, eh? lol

    The walleye bite was very good, and the walleye bellies are getting plumper each and every day. I can't wait for next spring to come already. It's going to be a great year next year....barring any bad weather, of course.

    My trip for tomorrow has been rescheduled to the 2020 season. And, my next charter is scheduled for Monday. But, as of right now, the wind forecast is not favorable, so....

    Stay tuned....

    Capt Juls

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    Thank you Captain, we will be in contact soon

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