Friday night walleye Friday night walleye Friday night walleye Friday night walleye
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    Default Friday night walleye

    Had the pleasure friday evening to go fishing with Gregg Freeze, captain of walleye2go sportfishing charters, his wife and young son. This trip was more about relaxing and enjoying the beautiful fall weather on a very calm lake, and us getting some time trolling big boards at night in familiar water, trying a few things to make boards and lines visible, b4 we move farther east as we hopefully try our hands at the brawl

    We set up just out of east harbor heading east, p10s on one side, and bay rats and bandits on the other. Lots and lots a fish between mazuriks all the way around the light house head towards the bay. The p10s were swapped out for flicker minnows halfway through

    We boated 4 solid eaters between 19"-23" all fish were returned to lake to grow up to come see us again. Bay rats pulled 3, bandits 1, p10s 0, flicker minors 0. We didnt work to hard at swapping lurers or depths as filling the boat full of fish wasnt the main goal. There was tons and tons of grass so we were constantly fighting cleaning the veggies up. So if you are pulling small boards in that area any time soon you might have to cycle often as it will be hard to tell that on them at night.

    It's was an amazing night to be in the lake, very flat, super clear, as you looked east we could see all the red and green markers way down the shore line. We even saw a few shooting stars

    Saw several other boats working the same area, and many ppl on the shore and piers. Bellow are a few pics that came out pretty clear, it was fun to play with all the setting on my camera.

    If anyone anyone's looking for some late season fishing, day or night trip I would not hesitate to give Gregg a call, he has plans to keep his boat in till at least December. So weither in the brawl or just want some late season time on the water or 1 last trip, I would see what he has available.
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    Thanks for the info and the pics

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    Thanks for the report and photos.

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    Thanks for the report Ben.Good idea to get s feel for fishing at night.Good luck in the Brawl.Keep me in mind if you need another to join you.

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