Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19 Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19 Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19 Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19
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    Default Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19

    Sorry, that it's been a while since I last blogged here....but, there was nothing to blog about.

    I had very few scheduled trips the first two weeks of October, and those that I did have scheduled had to be rescheduled due to wind. That's Lake Erie for ya!

    Anyway, this past Tuesday, I went on a perch scouting trip with my friend, Capt Jenn, who is running H&H Charters with her Husband Capt Matt Wieland (H&H stands for "His and Her's)...which I think is cute.

    I had heard of a good bite up by D Can, so while heading there, the Helix showed some good marks just southwest of E Can. I slowed down and the marks were pretty good, so after stopping the boat completely, I deployed the Ulterra and hit the Spot-Lock to anchor our position over what I hoped were perch.

    We used Goldies from Rickard's that were about an inch and a half grade, and kept getting bites, but not bringing them up. I used my thumbnail to rip the minnows in half and used the head on one hook and the tail on the other hook, to see if that would improve our chances. It did. They were not monsters, but big enough for the cleaners, along with many throwbacks too. We did get our two person limit for the day, so I was happy that I had a spot for my next day's charter with Kim, and his Grandsons.

    Fast forward to their trip...

    I picked them up at the White Caps Motel at 6:45, and we headed to town for some breakfast at Big Bopper's. On the way, we stopped at Rickard's for more minnows and ice.

    On a side note not park in the "Barrys' Bagels" parking lot on the corner there next to Rickard's. I pulled in there, because the boat lot at Rickard's had two boats taking up that lot and there were 4 cars in the regular lot.
    There was no one parked in the lot at Barry's. He came out and yelled, "Are you getting something here?" I said, "No, I'm going over here", pointing to the bait shop. He got a mean look on his face and said, "You can't park here then. This is for MY customers! I said, "I'll only be five minutes, and there's no one in your lot", which made him even madder. "You can't park here, leave, or I'll call the cops", he said, as he walked back in his shop. So...pissed off, I moved. Looking back, I should have just ignored him. If he had called the cops, I would have been gone before they got there. lol


    After we got our bait, we headed to Big Bopper's. After breakfast, we headed to Catawba to launch. We hit the water at 8am and headed right back to where Jenn and I caught our perch the day before. With the Spot-Lock, I was able to sit right back down exactly on the spot we had previously. The Helix showed a few fish, but not the marks we had the day before. I said, "We'll give the 20 minutes, and if they don't start biting, we'll move". But, luckily, after about 5 minutes, the marks on the bottom started showing up, and Garrett caught the first one, and shortly after, I caught the second. I smiled inside, because I didn't want to have to go looking again.

    This trip was a donated trip from last year's CIC Red Cross Charity Event, but due to weather, I was unable to get them out last season. I let them move it to this year, and we had to reschedule it again two or three times too. Mother Nature was not playing nice with this crew's trip, but we finally got it in, and it was worth the wait. The conditions were very nice with a light SE wind in the morning and then, by noon it switched to the east-northeast. It was sunny, and in the mid 60's by mid morning.

    We only did a 4 hourtrip, but were able to put 101 perch in the cooler with about as many throwbacks, so they could grow bigger. We were only in 26 feet of water, so the little guys were not getting their air bladder in their throats like they do when they come up from deeper water. Their chances of survival were very good.

    The Ullman family had a great time, and went home with enough perch for a few fish fries, and that made me happy!

    My next trip is with Mike Krakow and his crew. Fingers crossed for good weather!

    Stay tuned....

    Capt Juls
    Attached Images Attached Images Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19-jenn-10_8_19d-jpg Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19-kim-garrett-wyatt-wesley-10_9_19a-jpg Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19-kim-garrett-wyatt-wesley-10_9_19c-jpg Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19-kim-garrett-wyatt-wesley-10_9_19d-jpg Fishing with Kim, Garrett, Wyatt, and Wesley Ullman 10/9/19-kim-garrett-wyatt-wesley-10_9_19e-jpg 
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    Nice report. That corner by Rickards and Barrys Bagels is really tough parking there.

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