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    Guess you have to see it to believe it. Being avid perchers, buddy and I just knew we could catch some perch despite all the negative reports. Couldn’t be that bad.

    We came across some good marks and structure, so around 9 am started well south of pack at B Can ( probably 30 boats around B). Mostly by ourselves. Made three moves in that area. Later in morning moved north through pack and on northwest side of pack. Again put down on what looked like good marks (love that new Garmin Echomap plus). Fished them normal, fished them high, fished them slow lift, cast and drag, let lay on bottom, whole minnies, cut minnies, emeralds, goldies, even wax worms. You name it, we tried it. By little after noonish, we had caught all of 7 perch. Five were less than 6 inches…the other 2 maybeeee would have gone 8 inches. Since it looked like that was all we were going to get, they went back in lake instead of the cooler. We also caught 5 walleyes...2 were 3 inches and the other 3 were 6-7 inches…..

    Packed it in little after noon. As we were leaving one boat came by us and said they had 4. While we were at my dock unloading the boat, two boats came in marina and down the channel …one had 3 and the other a whopping 5!

    Believe it when I say it was slow slow slow.

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    LEfriend ditto for my buddy and I there yesterday as well. Arrived at B can at 8, moved 5 times. Worked our way 360 degrees around that area and a miserable total of 3 perch and one 5 inch eye. Having fished mother erie for 40 years now, I thought it might be slow but we can get a nice batch. WOW, I was dumbfounded and proved wrong. Always a great day of fishing but the catching was just not there for us either. We stayed until 1230, counted 26 boats including us and did not see anyone smashing them.

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    Dismall is all you can say for the perch fishing on lake Erie.Some people say they are still there but eating the water flees.Hard to believe the perch fishing in the western basin has crashed like the rest of the lake.Will see if ODNR does anything to help the perch recover.

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