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    Went out today, stopped straight out from metzgers and no luck. Went out to A can, caught a few then went to B can and caught more. Fished for a while it was slow and headed roughly a mile north of west sister and caught a couple more. Definitely there and an extremely light bite.

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    how were the marks?

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    It was either a couple, or it was stacked lol. Only in my first stop was it empty. A can and B can were where it was really picking them up. They were I'd say 8-10" range nothing very large, also caught 2 fries about 4" lol the bait was 1/2 of their size

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    Thanks for info. With that lite bite did you try leaving it lay unattended slack line, flat on the bottom for 3-5 minutes and then lifting to check it? Had some trips this time last year where that was only way we could catch them.

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    With the perch reports that i have read and people saying that they or not schooled up, has any one tried drifting for them similar to walleye fishing. I'm thinking like a .5 mph drift with a bottom bouncer and a double minnow rig behind it. Just curios if anyone has tried it and what was the result.

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    Its been a few weeks, but with a dozen people on the boat, I fished f, g, b & h. The last 20 min I drifted near h and with very little wind and caught more in that 20 min than the rest of the trip, including 2 doubles. Only took 40 some for the trip

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