Navionics mapping question Navionics mapping question Navionics mapping question Navionics mapping question
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    I am looking to purchase a chip for a Lowrance HDS 7 gen 2. I am looking at Navionics site and can't decide between the Navionics+ and Hotmaps Platinum options. Does anyone have any expericence or knowledge they are willing to share? It will be used mostly on Erie.


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    I have Navionics Premium on my Humminbird.. I love it. Very accurate. I fish Erie mostly, but I have yet to find a body of public water in Ohio, Indiana or Michigan that it doesnt have in its software. Charting and marking is easy. Not sure on the other program you mentioned. my 2 cents
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    I'm interested in responses to this, as well. I have a Lowrance Gen 2 Touch and currently have a Navionics Lake Insight chip and I think it's just OK. I've heard others rave about the Lakemaster chip, but not exactly sure if it'll work in my Gen 2.
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    Navionics does not make Lake insight, think you may be a little confused. You may have Nautic insight but that's not Navionics, that was lowrance and now is Cmap.

    To the OP, i run two chips in my setup, Lake insight pro for inland lakes and when i fish the great lakes i switch to Navionics+. Navionics is alot better out on Erie and Michigan.

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