7/14 report 7/14 report 7/14 report 7/14 report
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    We were headed east of Kelly’s looking for good marks and found some about 5 miles east of the island. Set tru trip 40’s at 30 to 70 back and found 55 back to be the ticket. Caught a 3 man limit at a pretty fast rate. Stinger spoons with pink or purple seemed to do best. I was going to keep our spot secret but you can see from the pic that it was pretty well marked. Hahaha! The pic isn’t showing up very well but there was a perfect X in the sky above us.7/14 report-9a0f6891-c74b-45db-ae89-6ffb9b963c35-jpg7/14 report-7cfedf02-ba9c-422c-b80b-e1b21d2439f7-jpg
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    thanks for report.Good job

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