July 5th East of Kellys July 5th East of Kellys July 5th East of Kellys July 5th East of Kellys
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    Default July 5th East of Kellys

    Set up about 8:15 this am two miles East of Kellys with no action. As we ran farther east at about 4 miles east of Kellys in 45-50 ft of water, we started getting some fish. We fished Mich Stinger spoons on Tru Trips 51- 62 back foot trolling at 2.3 to 2.7 MPH. I also rad a purple Wiggle Wart off a back placer 35 feet back, and then a blue/ silver Reef Runner off that too with no luck. Like Capt Porkchop said, I had a difficult time seeing fish on my graph too. Had steady action, but fish seemed smaller this week with most 18-19" long. Fish seemed to be concentrated in small areas and about a half dozen boats were jammed in a ten acre area. I did not get involved in that. Fish definitely seem to be moving east all the time.

    I wanted to ask about what someone at Bass Pro had told me a five years back. He said the red Cajan line makes great leader material for us with the Tru Trips and dipsys. I found that roll of line today. I had never used it. What do you think about that Cajan line for leaders?

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    We use just plain old florocarbon
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    We use floro for leaders too (15lb). We got a quick 2 man ticket east of Kelly’s yesterday (7/5) but 10 of the 12 fish were on Bandits back 60ft (so 15ft down). Pretty sure they were coming up to feed. We were reading mayflies in the top part of the column and stuck the bandits right beneath them. The other 2 fish were on spoons behind tru-trips closer to the bottom. We would’ve switched all our lines to bandits but by the time they were obviously out producing the spoons we only needed 2 more fish... Maybe this year we should just call them “julyflies” lol. One of the fish puked mayflies all over the net, boat and one of my bandits.
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    We fished this area Friday night for 2 hours and managed five eyes with two of us in the boat with dipsy/spoon program. We fished same are on Saturday 7/6 and had three people in the boat so we put out a couple crankbaits. If it weren’t for the two rods with boards and crankbaits, we would have come close to being skunked. Blue/Chrome Bandit and shrimp reef runner 600 both 60 back caught 10 of 12 fish. In retrospect, I think I should have swapped out the spoons for shallow cranks behind the divers, but I didn’t take the time to do it.

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    Phantom Daggers #7 and #9 are working well behind divers.
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