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    I've been running bandits back 100ft which is 19ft deep. Trying to figure out if I would add a 2oz weight between line and leader how much line I would have to let out to reach 19ft. I tryed running 40 tru trips but the fish where actually hitting the tru trips. So trying to shorten leads. If anyone can help me out??

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    If you want to be 19 feet deep let the bandit out 50 feet then clip on a 2oz weight and go an additional 10 feet for a total of 60 feet out. You can do different leads and you have to add the two diving depths together example if you let out the bandit 30 feet it will be 9 feet down then add the 2 oz weight and let it out an additional 18 feet which puts the weight at 10 feet down for a total of 19 feet down. You just need the dive curves for the bandit and the 2 oz weight and add them together. The precision trolling app does this for you with a 50 foot lead. Speed will effect this as well these numbers are at 1.5mph, faster will be slightly shallower. Always keep your baits above the fish they always feed up. If the water is very clean and clear the fish will probably be shallower than you are marking them because your boat will push them down when you go over them.
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    Thanks Capt. I understand the snap weights and adding the two together but I was looking to add a inline weight right in front of my 6ft leader. Guess I didn't explain it clearly. Trying to keep it as simple as possible.

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    A 5/8 deep diving bandit dives 2’ with a 6’ lead and a bass pro in line 2 oz keel weight at 1.5mph on 10#xt 50’ back dives to 18’ so 2+18= 20’ depth. Buy the Precision Trolling app lifetime don’t cheap out, you already have hundreds of dollars in trolling equipment JMHO

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    1. Put lure in water with inline weight just under the water and observe how deep it’s running - 2’ for bandit.
    2. Read depth of applicable inline weight from chart below - 2oz, 50’ back=17’
    3. 2+17=19’ down

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    try running bandits without jet divers

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