Crew of 5 on a neighbors boat, had a late start Friday and left PC at 9AM. Started East of Ballast, trolling North and did nothing, Picked up and went up East of Lucys Point, and trolled East for a while with nothing. Kept seeing nice marks at 30- 32' so set the #1 Dipseys to settings/Feet back were 3.5-88' and 1.5-68', 0-48'. Speed 2.2 - 2.4 MPH. Started slow picking fish to the pack SW of Middle Island, found a active pod of eyes, made 3 circles and finished our limit. Nothing over 21", 20# of Fillet, 3 shorts, 3 sheep. Fish time was 4.5 hours, more like a regular fishing Day!!

Another Nice day on the lake!!!