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    It's looking like it's going to be another year where our beloved emerald shinners are hard to find, so more ppl will be using goldies. For those that don't know sometimes goldens come from water close or in the area's where Asian carp live. Baby Asian carp look very very similar to golden shinners. Please don't dump any living bait into the lake. I don't even dump my dead ones anymore. If not saving them for later, please please please for the sake of the this lake we all love, scoop them up and put them in a bag. The cost of cheap bags is a few bucks for the entire season, it's just not worth the chance that one of those carp finds its way in.

    I love hearing the consistent better size of the perch being had. A limit going 10, 12+ pounds live weight. Just a few years ago a limit was 7/8.

    It's been a very blessed year on the water for fishing. Walleye bite like we haven't seen in almost 2 decades, perch size that normally you had to run 20+ miles east to get. Nice to see a health fish population.
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    I am reading a book called"The death and life of the Great Lakes by Dan Egan. He covers the problems that have been created by invasive species that have spread all across the United States many of which came in through the St.Lawrence Seaway up into the Great Lakes. Lake Michigan and Lake Huron crashed in a very short amount of time. Lake Erie is also at risk. Foreign ships discharging their ballast water has caused the current problems we face today. Enjoy it while it's good because the lake is constantly changing.

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    The problem I have with 'Goldies' being used in Lake Erie is: are you 100% sure that every bait fish you put on a hook dies or is consumed by a fish?

    Unless you are absolutely killing the minnow before it hits the water on your perch spreader or hair jig, you stand a chance of that species populating the waterway.

    If an Asian carp slides into the bucket of Goldies you are fishing with -- whether you dump your left over shiners into the water, or one comes off the hook during your spring hair jigging cast -- you could potentially be introducing an invasive species into the fishery.

    I am not saying it is okay to dump your live (imported) bait into a foreign waterway. I am questioning if that bait should be used at all if it is not indigenous to the body of water. If there is a potential of mixed species when using goldies...should they be used at all?

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    I think it is a stretch to say the goldies come from same areas as asian carp. If you have facts about this please elaborate. There are laws now that prevent moving bait fish across state lines, so I don't think the goldies could be coming from the Illinois river. Besides the goldies have been in practice for quite some time, longer than 10 years that I can remember. So wouldn't the damage already been done. I'm all for protecting the lake but you guys are drawing hard lines without facts that I can see. Can you enlighten me/ us?


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    I believe most of the goldies we get around here are actually farmed in Arkansas.

    The point I was making is that if you are afraid of the bait you are using being released into the water...you shouldn't be using it to catch fish.

    Not every minnow you put on a hook, will stay on the hook. There is a chance some of them will escape. Bait can escape while you are trying to bait the hook, or can get off the hook and live.

    Just because we haven't seen an issue in the past 10 years, doesn't mean that we won't see an issue in the next 10 years. It is always a risky game, introducing a new species into any body of water.

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    Does anyone use fat heads, if so how do they do compared to shiners ?
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