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    9/14-16 Fri evening by myself over to H can 18 perch in 2 hours nice size 7 pounds at Shatto's. Sat mid morning bunch of boats at L can found some marks half mile south of the can. 2 of us pulled 48 in 3 hours. Sunday mid morning went to the same spot 2 of us caught 54 in 3 hours. Goldies from Bite Me Bait, on crappie rigs. Still catching a lot of 3" walleye, but not near as many undersize perch. Weather was fantastic all weekend.

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    9/17 did decent at the turnaround after a late start and early leave 66 decent sized fish. Lot of threw back alot of 6 and 7s.

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    Big news in the mail today. Got my USCG Master Captains License

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    Congrats on the USCG Master Captain's License!

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    Great work earning your Master Captains license!

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    9/22-23 Waited for the wind to die down Sat. went out about 3 pm Stopped at L can found some marks water was muddy about 6 inches visibility. Fished for an hour, no bites. Moved to A can made 3 stops on decent marks, half hour each, no perch, water was still muddy. Called it a day. Sunday went out at 9 am. Stopped at L can because there were a bunch of boats there and wasted hour, no perch. Went up to the west side West Sister to get out of the wind. Found some marks in 28 fow. Fished 2 hours and got 43 perch. (Buddy needed to get home early) Bite was steady on crappie rig and Swedish pimple about a foot off the bottom, with goldies.
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    9\28-29 Fri went to north side of Crib Reef at 4pm by myself 21 fow 2 hours perch30 perch 16.5 lbs at Shatto's (no sorting) they were a big average Shiners from Bite me bait 3 hook crappie rigs on the bottom. Sat 3 of us went to the same spot 90 perch 36 lbs at the cleaners in 4 hours again on shiners and crappie rigs.
    Time to go perch fishing
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    9/30 Back out to the same spot north of crib 21 fow. 3 of us caught 90 perch, 2 nice small mouth, white perch and baby walleye (gently returned). The perch weighed 36 lbs at Shatto's and were caught on emerald shiners from A and Js. All of us were using 3 hook crappie rigs. The perch came in waves a few singles then some doubles then wait 15 minutes and start over, The bass and white perch showed up in between the yellow perch schools. multiple 12 & 13" perch with quite a few 11". Weather was absolutely perfect.

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    10/5-6 Fri fished A can and west side of West Sister. Caught 27 in 4 hours, crappie rig and emerald shiners from Bite Me Bait. Fishing was slow and spotty. Saturday was a little better after the storm, North of Crib Reef started in 21 fow, finally got them going in 26 fow. 50 perch in 2 hours (came back to watch the Buckeyes). Heading back out Sunday and Monday.

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    10\5-6-7-8 Friday afternoon 2 of us went to north side of Crib Reef, started in 21 fow pulled 7 in an hour, moved to 26 fow caught 45 more in 3 hours. Shiners from Bite Me bait, 22 lbs at Shattos. Used 3 hook crappie rigs and half ounce chrome pimple tipped with a shiner. Saturday both of us went back to 26 fow just got started and the sky turned pitch black, we rode the storm out and after about 20 minutes started catching some perch. slow on and off bite that took 4 hours to catch our limits. I caught more on the chrome pimple than I did on the crappie rig, My buddy caught all his on the crappie rigs. 23 lbs at Shattos. Sunday I had different buddy come up, he has a weak stomach, so we waited till noon for the lake to settle down, and just went out to L can. Anchored right next to the bouye and caught our fish in 3 and a half hours. 18 lbs at Shattos, smaller fish than over at Crib Reef. Monday went out by myself in the fog. Couldn't see L can till I got within 30 feet of it. Had some time to kill so I released everything under 9 inches that wasn't gill or gut hooked. 3 and a half hours ended up wit 12 lbs at Shattos. Great weekend of fishing. Looking forward to this weekend, Planning on fishing 5 days.

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