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    Fished out of Catawba today. Pretty slow only kept a dozen between 2 of us. Had about 6 small walleye, 1 worth measuring. Started near the green can had a real slow pick of decent fish. Made several small moves then ran to near G can. None paid off. Ended up back where we started and got a few more. Fished 8 till 1. Probably should have stayed out but you never know. Never really marked a lot of fish in any spot. May try again Saturday.

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    Saturday morning 3 of us went to the north side of Niagara Reef in 30 fow. Bite was good for an hour then quit. As I was moving I took the sonar off of bottom lock and marked a bunch of walleye from 15 to 25 feet. Looked around for a while and couldn't find any perch so we headed to the south side of L can, and finished our 3 man limit. Total trip was 4 hours.
    Sunday 3 of us went back to the south side of L can, the bite was slow but steady, never moved the boat, and the 90 fish took 5 hours to catch.
    Monday took some different guys back to the same spot south of L can and started looking for perch. Didn't mark any fish until I got about a mile and a half south of A can. caught 90 perch in 4 hours without moving.
    used crappy rigs all 3 days and shiners from A and Js. Gave all the fish away so I don't know the weights. Had some 8" mostly 9 & 10" and a decent amount of 11 & 12".
    Probably pull the boat Thanksgiving weekend, but I hope to get 4 or 5 more trips in before then.
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    Finally found a good school of perch. Been trying since June but all I could find was small groups, catch 1 or 2 and then they were gone. Went to the intake last week and found some good marks, caught 4 then the wind kicked up and I couldn't hold the boat so I came in. Went back Saturday afternoon, again too much wind for the spot lock so I anchored up and 2 of us enjoyed a good bite. There are flags for a net (I assume perch) inside the buoys, I pulled right up to it and dropped the anchor. Caught them all on 3 hook crappy rigs with emerald shiners. Seeing several commercial nets around the Western Basin. I guess they killed all the perch in the Central Basin so they might as well come over here and do the same.Perch-20210710_142516-jpg Perch-20210710_185616-jpg
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    I was wondering when they were gonna heat up. Havent seen many reports of any good catches. Toledo intake?

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    I tried for perch Saturday morning. Off Lakeside, Marblehead lighthouse and break wall at Cedar Point. Zero perch. Lots of farm animals.

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    I was out tubing saturday afternoon. I saw a few good "perch type" marks around half way between CIC and PC. Was hoping to try for them on Sunday but, weather didn't cooperate. 20 Fow.


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    Perch tournament advertised on Perchguy Different kind of format.
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    4 of us went to B can, that's where I had last fished and several folks told me there was still a good bite there. Apparently they had moved on, we caught 8 perch in 2 hours with 4 moves around the area, wasn't seeing any good marks, and there didn't appear to be any fish moving in and out.
    We were in a 30' with an anchor and moving around was enough of a chore I decided to try elsewhere. Headed west and saw some boats fishing South of A can. Cruised around and found some good marks, so we set up. Immediately started pulling doubles and singles enjoying a fast bite for a half hour and then they quit biting and disappeared from the screen. I noticed at the same time the clouds moved from in front of the sun. I could see more clouds drifting in and decided to stay put, when the sun was blocked the fish were back and we had a good bite. Sun would shine bright and they would shut down. we hung out for 3 hours and got our fish, but you could predict when they were going to bite by the cloud movement. caught all our perch on 3 hook crappy rigs and emerald shiners from Bite Me Bait.

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    Does anyone know approximately how many miles it is from catawba out to g can?

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    Hey Tony from catawba ramp you should be just a touch over 2 mi to G

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