Finally made it up to fish Saturday after a few weekends away. Headed out after 8:30. Due to the lumpy lake with East/NE wind started West of Catawba, not much going on here for me so went between SB, Green, Rattle and MB and caught a 2 man limit. Nothing over 20" except for a 27.5", 9# barn door looking, monster from the deep sheephead. Most fish from #1 Dipseys and spoons, with a few on harness's and meat. Eyes seemed to like something with green in the spoon. Dipsey settings/Feet back were 3.5-72' and 1.5-55'. The 1.5's out did the 3.5's which is unusual. Speed 2.2 - 2.5. Saw the B-17 fly directly overhead, and did do a couple of circles over the islands which was cool. Had to take the boat to the boat Doc. on Sunday, so no Sunday fishing.

Have a great time out there and be safe!