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    Default Looking for a new boat

    Does anyone have any suggestions? I am looking to buy a new boat built for Lake Erie but small enough to trailer. Looking for a comfortable ride, enough space to fish 5 people and the ability to still do water sports (water skiing, wakeboarding) on it. I would prefer a boat that's either new or 2010 or newer since I plan on using this boat for the next 30 years or so. Any suggestions are welcome!

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    sorry I have a 1991 240 Thompson fisherman for sale but it,s a 1991.
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    If you are considering aluminum, consider the Lund Barron or Crestliner Authority. 23' boats that will take a monstrous outboard. Easy to trailer fishing machines.

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    Look at the sailfish 245 DC with hardtop. Make sure it has the retractable ski pole option. This boat would work for fishing pleasure boating, and water Sports. If you buy the bow cover it really helps with rougher water when needed.

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    The Lund or the Crestliner would be great choices if you have 80-$100,000 to spend on a new boat. A 2010 model will still run you 50k or more. Big boats, lots of room, handle big water well, but come with a very large price tag. I personally drive a 20ft Alumacraft Trophy with a 150 four stroke Yamaha and love it. Big, roomy and stable on the big waters (within reason) and can still ski, tube or board. If it were me, I'd base my decision on what the boat will be used for 75% of the time. Unlimited budget= Lund 2275 Baron with a 300 four stroke.

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    Craigs list Sandusky. 2012 Crestliner loaded.
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    Yeah - I fish out of a 20' Alumacraft Trophy too. Great boat, super easy to tow. Has a 225 4-stroke Suzuki on the back. Bought it used for $25,000. It was a 10-year old boat when I bought it with 250 hours on the motor.

    But I would never put 5 men on it. I've fished with 4 men on it. With all the gear and a bunch of gas, I wish I had a bigger boat with 4 big guys.

    I was at a slip in Bolles Harbor right next to a new Lund Baron 23'. Only 3' difference in length but the thing looked like a monster next to mine. It had a 300 merc 4-stroke on the back and the guy said it will do 58 mph on the GPS. The boat is rated for a 350. Yes it is expensive as hell but it is a much better dedicated great lakes boat and if money is no object, there is no comparison.

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    I have a ranger reata 1850 with a yamaha 150 that is a great fish and ski. I usually fish 3 but you can fish 4 but it is a little crowded for my liking. There is a 20' version also that goes to 250hp. I have kids so watersports were important. I can wakeboard, and tube with 7 in the boat with no problem. I trailer everywhere and it sits low on the trailer so pulling is really nice. check out the face book page "walleye boats for sale" there is a variety boats on there so you can see many different boat makes and models. I can't say this is my last boat but i will have it for a while before moving to the 20' in a few years.

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    I have a crestliner authority 2250 with a 300 verado and a 15hp kicker on it. It is a great lake eire sized boat that is still easy to trailer. I bought mine 2 years a go for around $57000. You can check it out in this thread

    2015 crestliner 2250 authority with a 300 mercury Verado pro four stroke and a 15 hp Mercury Prokicker.

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    OTE=Bggeary;61632]sorry I have a 1991 240 Thompson fisherman for sale but it,s a 1991.[/QUOTE]
    Did you give up fishing? What kind of boat ya buyin?
    I'm gonna miss her.... ....Maybe not so much, now that she left

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