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    Default 36 done by 2, the line

    36 done by 2, the line-img_1163-jpg

    Caught well over 100 to get 36 keepers, trolling the line. Best area was closer to N bass than middle Is.

    Everything had its turn, spoons on jets and Dipseys, bandits, harnesses weren't as effective.

    Although we were away from the crowd, must have been the owner of the lake running his big boards liked my line better than his and took out my little board. Thanks buddy.
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    That's a nice looking cooler there. Looks like alot of 21 ish size fish. 3 shorts to 1 keeper is alot better ratio than I've been seeing. We worked the corner of kellies last weekend and I know we had to handle at least 150 or more fish to get our 32 or 33 fish we had. The bucket has about 150 clips, several times when cycling rods we pulled 6 or 8 clips back in, then had to pull a board back in to get a new supply to finish out. I know we had to be closer to 5 shorts to 1 keeper. Made for a busy busy day

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    Very nice looking box for sure! I always like fishing that area this time of year. Hope to be there Saturday morning. We fished West of Kelly's last Friday and did very well. I would say we were about 1 to 1 with keepers to shorts and we fished spoons and TT40's exclusively.

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