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    Yesterday morning cut my butterflied perch from the cleaners apart and trimmed them up at the missus's kitchen sink. As I do that I trim a narrow 1/8 to1/4 inch wide, one inch long strip of the white belly meat that I would normally throw away and use it for cut bait when shiners are hard to get or out of minnows. Works great. 18 perch give you 36 nice little "minnows"

    I put them in a tall green pill bottle, threw a little salt in, and a bit of water. I then freeze these and take them in my cooler for a little backup if needed. In any case, this evening I was standing there and looked at the sink where I saw two green pill bottles. Hmm, I thought. One is my arthritis medicine, what is the other? You guessed! Darn rank too! (Didn't help our power was out 5 hours last evening and house heated up!) Thank the Lord I found them first!

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    That's a great idea, although it's a bummer you left them out! It's sure sounds a lot easier than doing it on the boat then throwing the fish in the box to have their bellies break loose on the ride back to the dock. If I ever give up on the walleye I'll have to keep the idea in mind. Thanls
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