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    Has anyone have any good Walleye recipies you are willing to share? I like grilling them with some butter and lemon pepper. Looking to try something different, besides this or deep frying.

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    You might like this:

    Dip fillets in egg wash, dredge in seasoned flour (salt/pepper/lemon pepper and Tony Chasteries to taste ) fry in Real Butter until golden brown

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    here's a great way for your walleye. cut the fish into small pieces put a little olive oil on the fish take bacon and wrap around the piece of fish and either broil or bake til the bacon is crispy,, YUM YUM .
    its the same concept as scallops wrapped in bacon . it is delicious......

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    We just had some friends over for grilled fish tacos and everyone loved them. Here's the recipe:

    coat walleye in a combination of vegetable oil, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder, paprika, lemon pepper, salt and cayenne (to taste). grill over hot coals. cut fish into taco-sized pieces. briefly grill soft flour tortillas over the coals. serve buffet-style and let everyone make their own tacos with fish, tortillas, chopped lettuce or cabbage, tomatoes, guacomole, shredded cheese, salsa and hot sauces. Drink lots of beer, or, better yet, margaritas!

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    Default fish tacos

    Sounds good even before the margaritas !

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    Default walleye on the grill

    Alright this is the quickest way to cook some walleye up late at night.
    1- make some aluminum foil canoes
    2- throw you walleye fillets in there
    3- sprinkle some lemon juice over the fillets
    4- sprinkle some seasoned salt over the fillets
    5- throw a half a stick of butter in the canoe
    6- seal the canoe up, but leave a little chimney on the canoe so the extra moisture from the fish will steam out.
    -now just put it on the grill and cook that bad boy up!
    the good thing about this is, the longer its on the grill the more flavor you will get due to the continuation of your canoe steaming concentrating the flavors of butter and seasoned salt. O YEA THESE ALSO COOK LIKE A CHAMP ON THE CAMP FIRE!

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    take some ranch, water it down with a little milk. just enough to make it a little soupy. Cut walleye fillets into 3" chunks, put them into a bowl with the ranch mix, roll around. then take a ziplock bag and put some flour with your favorite seasonings. i usually just use some salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and some tony chachere's ( season salt). take the walleye chunks out of the bowl, toss them in the bag, shake around and toss into your deep fryer. Perfecto ! especially good for people who arent crazy for fish.

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    I have been catching,cooking, and eating Lake Erie walleye for over 20 years. I eat or give away all I catch, never freeze any. My favorite quick and easy method, from Uncle Buck's, is spray the filets lightly with white vinegar and shake them in a bag with Uncle Bucks hot & spicey batter mix with some of his mild (Zatarains' and Andy's Red are great too.) I pan fry them hot and quick in a non stick fry pan in a little oil. Tried every kind of oil and found nothing better than avacado oil with a tablespoon or 2 of butter. A quick shake of Lawry's seasoning salt puts it over the top. I dare you to try and not love this
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    Default Re: Walleye Recipies

    I poach walleye chunks then use the flakes in my favorite crab cake recipe.

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