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    I use deep and shallow walleye bandits on my downriggers. but I was looking at the walleye deep bandit at fishusa.com and it says it dives to 27'. as I am thinking about doing some fishing on the western basin next year and just flatlining them. can someone tell me if this dive curve is accurate? does anyone know where I can find a chart for the dive curves with the walleye deep diving bandit? I mainly use chrome and blue, and sunspot on the central basin of my riggers. and I plan to have one exclusive color called huff n puff for next year. what other colors should I be looking at for the western basin?

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    Khaki Has been good. Plus gold black. You would want a wonderbread or other white bandit also. Depending on water clarity and sunshine other colors get hot as well. A bunch of custom colors are very good. I only fish Lake Erie for a week beginning of June. Fishing around the islands. You sometimes need to move around. Way to silted brown water is not good. Sometimes super clear water is to much. Normally look for partly silted water.

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