Braided line on dipsy diver question Braided line on dipsy diver question Braided line on dipsy diver question Braided line on dipsy diver question
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    Hello im still new to deep water trolling and have had trouble getting a definitive answer on this. I noticed that my dipsy charts are based on 20 lb mono line. Everyone says to run braided line with dipsys and the mono will be very hard to trip the dipsys which makes complete sense to me. The dilemma i cant seem to figure out is how to determine my depth as i would assume it would take less line with braided to reach the depths on the chart. I have not been able to find accurate info. Some people have told me the difference is so minimal it wont matter but based on a conversion chart it shows that 100 lb braid is the equivalent diameter to 20 lb mono which is a massive discrepancy. Im running either 30 or 40 lb braid and not sure how to figure this out. The precision trolling app uses 30lb braid as the example but it makes no sense as it shows more line to get to a depth than the mono on my chart so im beyond confused.

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    I don't know if anyone can answer your question definitely. I'm using 65 lb power pro because the charter I went to school on was using it. I had no idea where my diver was. so I did most of my fishing at 2 mph so I went out to 50 ft and with my diver set on 3 at 2 mph I let out line until I started just bumping bottom. it took 185 ft to get down 50 feet. I wanted to get my dive curve by 10' lengths. so I divided 185' by 10 which gave me 18.5. now I divide the 50' depth by 18.5 which gave me 2.70 is my dive curve for my front diver on 3 at 2 mph. then I always just let out at least 10' less on my middle rod set on 2. then the back rod at least 10' less than the middle rod set on 1. so 185' will get me down 50' at 2 mph with 65 lb line. if I want to run 55' I just add 20' which gives me 55. 4 ft and so on. I just use 2.7 to get my depth.

    now I'm fishing spoons at 2.7 mph so I know my dive curve is off and my divers are running a little shallower but not by too much. so now I just add 10' to my leads. then I move them as I need to until I catch fish then I just repeat what caught fish. the dive curve is based mostly on the weight of the diver so if you go faster you get shallower if you slow down you get deeper.

    now to throw a monkey wrench (forgive me for using the word monkey in monkey wrench) into everything I switched to lite bite slide divers. but instead of getting a new dive curve I just try to match the setting on my divers. not science but a 1.5 3.0 4.5 is close to a 1, 2, 3, on a dipsy. its not so much being right on as it is getting very close then just repeat where you catch fish.

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    I run 50 lb power pro. Have for years. It's only 12 lb mono equivalent but closer to 20 lb mono than 30 lb power pro. The thinner the diameter, the deeper it will dive.
    I don't have actual numbers to give for depths. I check the chart for the depth I want, then stop 10 to 20 feet short of what the chart says. 2 main things to remember. 1, it's called a dive curve. Because on a chart it's a curved line. Not straight. So you can't just go with percentage. 2, you always want to err on the side of shallow. Walleye feed straight ahead or up.

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