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    I've seen this on reports and I don't quite understand what the following numbers mean (in italics). Can someone please help.? I have assumption, but I'm not certain.

    Running bandits 50/160 -50/135


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    Thats called the 50+2 method......well with a line counter reel let the lure out 50ft then clip on a 2oz offshore snap weight or similar type then continue to let out line until you reach a total line out of the second number which by what you posted 160ft and 135ft..normaly a bandit deep walleye goes down 21ft at 150ft of line out but with the snap weight greater than 40ft are easily gained and the leader length of 50ft wont spook the precision trolling app and watch youtube videos talking about the 50+2 method and snap weights

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    Perfect. Thanks for the reply.

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    Just so you're aware...

    I don't write mine out like that... I'll say 50/75...meaning, that you put the weight on at 50...and, then, let another 75 feet of line out, to get to a maximum total of 125 feet. Most times though, if I don't forget, I would have the 125' in parentheses.

    So, don't assume, that mine would mean, that you're only to let a total of 75 feet of line out.

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