So I have accumulated a fair number of crank baits for trolling. I have always stored my tackle in the typical plastic trays in a tackle bag of some sort. It works great for a lot of things but having been more into trolling the past couple years its no longer practical to store them that way, too many tangled messes, too many boxes. So I bought a Special Mate storage box for the cranks. So as I start to sort them out to put into the new box I can't help but wonder how other folks sort them. Do you sort by brand, Bandits, Rapala, Reef Runner, etc., do you sort by color, maybe by running depth of the lure? I know it's sort of preference thing but I was curious about other's methodology? Now I don't have 60 Bandits, and 45 Flicker Minnows, etc.. I have maybe a dozen or so of each brand, 20 tops.