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    Default Which Bandits ?

    Hello everyone.
    New to fishing Eries west end , seems like a lot of people like p10's and bandits . My question is ,which bandit? I look on fish usa and see theres a shallow diver , deep diver , generator .
    Im assuming deep diver and just wanna be sure before I buy.

    Also what are your rod suggestions

    Thank You in advance.

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    Default Sorry

    I use mostly all deep bandits (djs customeye, HL&S, bait dr, and organ donor all have good baits). Shallows I値l run with dipseys or tru-trips
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    Hello, this is my first year fishing erie with my own boat. I troll most of the time. I immediately loaded up on bandit deep walleye. All stock colors, because I had so much other gear to buy too. Slowly building a stock pile of bandit walleye deep, reef runners 800, smithwick p10's and rapala dhj 12 for colder water. I think some guys run the bandit shallow cranks too. My understanding is they have a different action than the deep bandits.

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    Thank You for the responses

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    I have only used deep divers said to go 27 feet deep
    deep divers do not dive to 27 feet on there own
    Van Dam Warehouse has better prices $ 5.84 Bandits
    you have to order 9 or more for free shipping
    color is very important
    2020 the best color was YELLOW it is ALSO called CHARTREUSE
    with no weight they always tangle with other lines
    I use 1 - 5 oz. weights depending on FOW
    when fishing in 60 FOW or less there are a lot more snags lost lures
    in 70 FOW or more you will not loss many lures
    ROD SUGGESTION low end since this is only trolling
    you can go on E-BAY 2.4-2.7-3.1 meter rods cost only 15-30 dollars
    buy only 1 of that kind until you like or dislike
    spend more on larger reels instead
    reels for ERIE have to have at least 400 feet of line
    mine have about 475 feet
    HIGHER END RODS go to E-BAY use there AUCTION
    you might have to buy 2 rods at a time for better prices
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    Question I often hear of the use of Bandits upon Walleyes so what Bandits are you referring too as there are numerous trade name Bandits. Are you referring to the Bandit that looks lie the older Wiggle Wart, any pics?

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    Bandit is the name brand
    they are 4 3/4 inches
    5/8 oz
    Van Dam Warehouse lists them as Walleye Deep Jerkbaits

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    Thanks for the info. I had to ask as I have years ago taken some some nice Wallygators dragging STORM Magnum Wiggle Warts

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    I know Iツ知 late to this thread. I get 1-2 trips per month from April thru November and have been at this for six years. I still consider myself a novice. My crankbait results had been mixed up until the point I started splurging for custom bandits. The custom painters produce really nice lures with metallic finishes. What Iツ致e noticed is a good assortment of metallic schemed Crankbaits translates to fish in the box when you primarily fish on ツ創ice daysツ which is what I do. I donツ稚 have any proof of this and really lack the time on the water to make such a statement, but I believe the reason the spoon/diver programs that work so well on a nice summer day have more to do with the metallic nature of spoons than spoon vs crankbait. Iツ致e found that an IB Frozen custom bandit or stock blue/chrome bandit can catch at similar rates as a purple/chartreuse or blue chrome spoon in the same spread when those colors are working. The crankbaits seem to catch bigger fish and less white bass, white perch, or sheephead though. With the ability to run so many lines, a real easy spread is two dipsy rods per side with spoons and 2-3 board rods per side with custom painted Yozuris or Bandits. Iツ値l match the spoon colors to the spoons if a particular color is working well and visa versa. If the water is muddy or overcast, then non metallic presentation seems to be better.

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    Bandit walleye deep is my favorite lure, with the blue back and silver side is my favorite color. Maybe you will have to translate the manual like me (I used https://thewordpoint.com/services/ce...hnical-manuals). I have caught a lot of eyes on them and is killer on bass as well. They run true and wont blow up at high speed like a reef runner will.
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