Hello all...new to this forum.
Since my fishing captain, (brother in law), has went south for the winter, I don't get to fish from a boat. So, the neighbor and I have decided to go to the lake and fish from shores, piers, docks or where ever we can. We want to fish for walleye, but not real sure how we should go about it, as in baits and methods for walleye, from shore.
As far as where we fish, I'm not real sure where to go. I've heard to go to Dempsy, or Mazurik, or Huron. We live about due south of Port Clinton by 30 minutes, so if we get pointed in the right direction, that will help. I realize the walleyes head east to deeper waters, but have also seen reports of people still catching them over here in the western basin.
In short, we'd appreciate any advice.