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    Greetings to all. I fish lake Michigan's Green Bay in Michigan in relatively clear water. I troll planer boards with stick baits or crawler harness's. I want to add trolling spoons to my repertoire. I'm searching for a starting point and will expand as the fishery dictates. I have purchased Dipsy Divers. Now comes the difficult part. I need some basic input as to size and color I should start with. I have read some threads and have gained a little knowledge. Often specific names are mentioned yet the manufacture is not identified, as well as the size of the spoon being used. Additionally is single hook or treble preferred? Are spoons ever used at night? What's a good trolling speed to start with?


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    man you have nothing but questions, LOL. as far as spoon size most people like the smaller 2 3/8 to 2 1/2. as for brand I usually stick with stinger scorpions or galeforcetackle.com. both catch fish but the paint stays on the gale force spoons much better than the scorpion spoons. i like pinks and purples but other colors catch fish. gale force has some awesome colors. jawbreaker, Dr death, reverse muffin, salamander just to name a few hot spoons. scorpion colors is Kevorkian, puss and boots, Helmut, shrimp, eye of newt, blueberry muffin, and the list goes on. i always get more than 1 spoon as the paint comes off pretty quick. but if your catching fish its worth a few spoons.

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