I'm looking for some actual measurements of water level rise at West Harbor and the Portage River marina docks any of you may have taken last year or even this year.

I saw it several times last season at the marina I was at, at my dock on the portage river, but I never actually measured it. One day I watched it rise, top out just over the dock, then fall back to where it was. I estimate about 8-10 inches, maybe 12.

I'm looking for a dock in West Harbor or maybe the Portage River again. Some West Harbor marinas the current water level (Sunday - no wind so it was at a 'normal' no wind effect level) is only 5 inches below the ground, or parking / driveway ground. I have to think those areas mostly or completely flood with even a moderate E or NE wind, and there is evidence of this.

Any measurements, info, or advice will be greatly appreciated.