Hey all you Erie Charter Captains... If you plan on getting your 2017 Canadian Temporary Work Permits...make sure your passport will not expire during the season.
Mine expires in April, so I sent for a new one last week...(the current one gets sent in with the renewal form). I have to wait for the new one now, before applying for the temp. permit, because the new passport will have a NEW passport number.
The PP number is needed on the application, so make sure it will have the correct one for the season, or that could cause you issues, I think.
If you have trouble doing the online application, which most do....(I did too).....contact Beth Martin at Captain's Cove in Marblehead. She has done a lot of them, and can help you out. I don't want to post her cell number here, so please call the Capt's Cove in Marblehead, to reach her.