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    Default ice jigs spoons stingers and hair jigs

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Size:  94.4 KB [email protected] call scott 419-698-8640 ice jigs, ice spoons, laser jigs, hair jigs, stingers, pro eye spoons and more

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    have lots of ice spoons and jigs blue and silver is hot

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    theres ice season coming get them now

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    i have spreaders with weight attached 3/4, 1,1 1/2, 2 ounce with bling or without with just a snap swivel you can change weights i have any sinker you could want from flat sinkers, pear sinkers, bass casting, pyramid,inline , trolling inline, bottom bouncers from 1 - 8 ounces. worm harnesses any length, color or size blade. weapons, any hair jigs you could want sizes 5/8, 3/4 or 1 ounce any color or combination all hair jigs come with a stinger hook made out of 20 pound wire not mono with a no 8 treble hook approx 2 inches but can make any length. stinger hooks 50 cents or 5 a dozen. ICE FISHING JIGS AND SPOONS cleo spoons,Milwaukee minnows, laser jigs, jigging minnows. i can custom make anything and ship anywhere with usps priority box. or you can pick up at my house i can even deliver buy i cant go 50 miles and sell 25 dollars in stuff has to be worth my while went 70 miles to a guy last week he bought 25 dollars worth and only had 11 dollars in register so be a good customer and maybe. stuff will fill a stocking or make a good Christmas presentName:  IMG_0156.jpg
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Size:  89.0 KB very good quality heavy wire or light will make them any way you want 20 a dozen [email protected]

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    I just sent you an email.

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    have new disco jigsName:  IMG_0491.jpg
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Size:  95.6 KB orange has been hot

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