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    Default making weapons

    I Was Going To Try Making Some Weapons, What Size Colorado Blades Are Best? Any Good Places To Get Them? Thanks

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    Default my style

    I use several different blades. #3, 4, 5 Indiana and #4 and 5 Colorado. There is smooth, hammered ( big dent and little dent ) and Hex. There are more styles but this is what I use. Here is a pic of one I used during June that was on my rod. I use single beads and stacker style for bead patterns. Red is normally part of my patterns for the blood look. I buy most of my gear from Janns Netcraft in Maumee.
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    Default is a wholesale web supply outfit that has everything you would need and more.

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    Default has the everything you need at a cheaper price but you have to buy quanity around 32 dollars a hundred for gold plated no 4 deep cut Colorado just spent 250 dollars there took a bout a week to get my supplies

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    do you use fluoro as the leader? also what # test? i've typically used 15 lb berkely vanish but wondered if lighter line or fluoro would work better.

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    don't really think it matters if the fish are on. I us Trilene XT in red 17 lb. Red vanishes in water depth. Catch fish on them and that is what matters

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    I Ran Up To The Fin Today And Picked Up A Bunch Of #5 Colorados In Assorted Colors. Also I Picked Up Beads,Hooks,Clevis And Line. Wish I Had Read This Before I Went I Would Have Picked Up The Red LinE. Gunna Try To Make One Now I Will Let Ya Know How They Turn Out.

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    Default line

    17 pound Vanish by Berkley. I use for casting and bb rigs. Used the same line for over several years. If you tie it correctly you wont have any problems.
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    They Turned Out Pretty Good! I Cant Figure Out How To Post Pictures. Hope Fully They Work As Good As They look

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    Default site has been good for me

    Just wanted to say i watch this site and because of it finally had a very good year for walleye,live in michigan but launch out of turtle creek-oak harbor,i really did well this year all the way through with reef runners,even early in muddy water.
    wanted to ask about the true trips and getting smaller fish white bass small walleye ,can you tell they are on? can you trip them?i have not used a diver yet just clip sinkers,they are simple and easy,the true trips look like they would pull hard?
    any advice on how to and what to use for a diver-i like easy simple ,have not used spoons yet and would like to try it,would clip sinkers and spoons be ok,
    also wanted to say the method of pulling the walleye fillets apart and pulling the bones and veins out in a quick easy couple of steps really is something and makes big difference in taste and bones.
    you ohio folks have the walleye fishing,no question about it hope it continues

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