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    Bababouy Guest

    Default Buffalo boat lauches-walleye fishing

    This is my first year walleye fishing in lake erie, I live in Buffalo and plan on lauching out of the small boat harbor or sturgen point. Does anyone know which location would be more productive for trolling? Also I was told there was a reef not to far outside sturgen point that is popular? Any suggestion or information on this reef? Thanks for the tips

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    sabercuts Guest

    Default sturgen point

    if you go out of sturgen point and go west you will hit the evans bar if you go east myres reef is in front of hamburg,the first one starts around the beach bars

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    jimski2 Guest


    The best walleye fishing in this end of the lake in June is from 18 Mile creek to the Breakwater South Gap Entrance. Warm waters stack up in this bay area and the emerald shiners that spawn in the river will pass through feeding the walleye. In July move to west of Sturgeon Point and when the lake warms up to the 70 degree mark, go west of Silver Creek.

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