Fishing with Tony, Tony, and Alex 8/3/19 Fishing with Tony, Tony, and Alex 8/3/19 Fishing with Tony, Tony, and Alex 8/3/19 Fishing with Tony, Tony, and Alex 8/3/19
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    Default Fishing with Tony, Tony, and Alex 8/3/19

    The days are getting shorter, and the sun doesn't come up until 6:30 now, so there was no hurry to get to the launch by 5:30. I left the house at 5:20 and ran to the gas station to pick up some ice for the cooler, before picking my crew up from their hotel at 5:50. We had agreed to meet at 6am, but they were all downstairs and ready to go when I arrived, so they piled in the old truck and we headed over to Mazurik's.

    The sky was clear and the eastern sky was getting lighter as we drove to the launch. We timed it just right, and would be hitting the water on the edge of needing and not needing the navigation lights. By the time Tony backed the Ranger in and parked the truck, it was light enough to leave the navigation lights stored away.

    We headed ENE out of the launch. It was one of those mornings that bug the crap out of me. The lake looks nice and flat, but after a NE wind overnight, there were still the "Northeast Rollers" coming in, which makes driving a lot slower. I told my crew that we were making a long run, and they settled in for the ride.

    After a 13 mile run, we found the wind picking up a tiny bit out of the NNW, so the rollers were going one way and the waves going another...but, it was still a 2 foot or less sea. I came off plane and turned the boat to the SSE, and deployed the Ulterra and the baby E-TEC. I set them up to troll together at a speed of 2.2-2.5mph.

    This is the second time in two months that Tony and his nephew Tony have fished with me, and this time they brought their relative, Alex, with them. The two Tony's ran dipsies the last time with me, so they "kind of" remembered what to do. Alex was a clean slate and picked up on it pretty quickly. It was a quick bite this morning, and the first fish hit a silver spoon behind a dipsey set on a three setting at 85 back...that was even before the second rod was let out. The bite stayed pretty steady all morning. Fast enough for "controlled chaos", and slow enough for me to get these guys into a routine of rotating to whose turn it was to reel'm in, grabbing the net, and setting the baits back out.

    The 3 setting ran at 85 back and the zero settings were run at 60. Silver spoons were the ticket for us. One I use, is just a plain hammered one, and the other is so chewed up there is just a dot of blue paint left on it, so it's mostly just a silver hammered spoon. One "BS Kustom" spoon ran behind the zero setting dipsey on the starboard side...(I circled the one used in the picture that's posted). It caught a handful of fish too. A Blue/Chrome Ripplin Redfin ran on the zero setting dipsey on the port side and did its own damage to the walleye population.

    Bay Rats...the "long extra deep divers", Blue/Chrome and Purple/Chrome, ran on the starboard side behind Off Shore inline boards at 125 back. And, the Cheap Sunglasses and Blue/Chrome ran on the port side at 99 1nd 105 back. All of them caught fish this morning.

    Unlike the last two days of disappointing walleye and perch fishing for me and my crews...this morning's outing... was perfect. And, I needed that....bad!

    The crew had fun, and were happy with their catch today, and I can't ask for more than that.

    Tomorrow, I am walleye fishing with a regular return customer, Marc Miller, and his daughter Grace, and her boyfriend (to be named tomorrow). We will be launching out of Mazurik's at 6:20, so we can watch the sun come up on the lake again. Woot! Woot!

    Stay tuned....

    Capt Juls
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    Looks like we fished same area as Juls today.Was a bouncy ride to the area and was difficult to stand up at times.We too caught a fish before could put out second rod.The bite was quick this morning for us too.We caught our 12 fish limit in 2hrs.We started sorting fish under 18-19 inches after we got to 5.Threw back around 10 fish,one short and 3 white bass.Nothing over 20" though.We used 4 dipsies with two purple spoons with copper back,a spoon harness and a double willow harness.Three setting 65 and 70 and one setting 40 and 45.Spoons outfished the worms.Was definitely a fun day,lots of action.

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