Had a really fun second trip with a couple cool cats and their boys from Cleveland Saturday afternoon. We had a blast laughing and singing fishing songs while we boated 30 walleye. We filleted them up and sent them home with their limit. We trolled the north end of the dump out of Lorain and a little east. We pulled spoons behind dipsys and jets at 2.5 and added in some bandits back 100 no weight and they did much better than this morning, i couldn't get a bite on them in the morning so switched with spoons and did much better, but tonight they like the bandits better. Nice evening to be on the lake.
7/13 pm trip with some cool cats from Cleveland-7-13-weekend-008-jpg7/13 pm trip with some cool cats from Cleveland-7-13-weekend-007-jpg7/13 pm trip with some cool cats from Cleveland-7-13-weekend-006-jpg