Fished on neighbors boats Thursday and Friday, Midway between Lucys and Middle Island, near the Line. Crew of 5 Friday, 4 Thursday. #1 Dipseys with spoons, Tried a few harness's but was not working. 2.6 MPH avg speed, Thursday settings 3.5/78'- 72' 2/62' -65 .5/45'-55'.
Flying fish happened when a sophomore troller scooped one near Starboard aft, jerked up the net and stopped, Eye was catapulted to the port side almost past the doghouse, but stayed in the boat. I was driving and watching, so looked like something you might see on U-tube!! Fishing time about 5 hours, fillet weight for 30 22#. Friday almost same program, 3.5/77', 2/65, .5/50'. Fishing time was 4 hours and 17# of fillet for 24 and 2 nice perch. Saturday was on my boat, I had 20 trips since 6/1/2017 with a boat limit but it ended that day. Started NW of Catawba a couple of miles, with a crew of 4, had 3 in the box after 15 minutes, but the quality was not as nice, and had to sort through a lot of small eye and junk, so Ran out to Fridays finish spot and pulled one eye in 1:15 hours (Read never leave fish to find fish!!), not many marks, so headed back to Catawba and played bumper boats for an hour and headed out near G can where there was noone, quit at 1:30 to make a PC camp party at 3PM, with 21 of 24. Dipsey setting 3.5/55, 1.5/45 0/30, same speed. Weight was 13#fillet for 21 eyes with 30-40ish throw back eye.

A beautiful couple of days on the lake!!