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    Default 6/14 drifting report

    Rough wave conditions made it a little difficult yesterday. Finished 1 fish short of our limit in about 4 hours of fishing. Bottom bouncers caught 8 of 11. Fished between PIB and Kelly’s again, very close to the Canadian line. Best pocket of fish seemed to be in 27-28 FOW, started drift in 33 FOW, come into 27-28, and then back down to 32. Marked fish like crazy the whole time, just couldn’t figure out how to keep it low enough casting to really catch fire. We were even doubling up on weights with the weapon harnesses

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    Good job in rough water.No wonder the dragging bottom bouncers caught most of fish.I had 1oz egg sinksrs when it was very windy or deeper than 30fow.Too difficult moving that fast and keeping harness in strike zone long enough when casting.I remember that I would cast as long as I could perpendicular to direction moving,or straight out from bow.Reel slow at first and then stop reeling as boat moved the curve in the line and end the retrieve with line straight downwind.The trick to catching best is the harness needs to be at depth active fish are at when you stop reeling and dragging thru that curve in line.

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