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    We should be starting to see some mayflies appearing soon,if not,maybe already seeing some.Was not up to islands this weekend.I used to keep a journal of all our fishing trips and I remember that June 18th was date of the peak of the mayfly hatch.Some years the hatch would really effect the catching of walleye.Do not think that will be the case this year,with all those hungry 2015 fish around.I had heard too,that if having difficulty catching fish during the hatch,try fishing over a rocky bottom.Mayfly do not emerge out of rock.Be ready for the mayfly onslaught.

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    I have seen a few of them around both up at the lake and back at my home place. I am sure they are going to really cut loose soon. The midge flies were sure hatching good over the holiday weekend. Last year I fished after dark one evening. Big mistake everything was covered. lol- After the trip back home, I noticed the next day , my building where I store the boat had mayflies all over the place. Quite the little hitch hikers to be able to stand the 70 mph wind speed of heading home.

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