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    Default Trolling Saturday April 13th

    My buddy got his boat put in water last week at the CYC and we were hoping to fish either Friday or Sunday.I had to work Saturday and it figured that out of my two off days the only fishable day was Saturday.Decided we would try and fish a few hours after work till it got dark.We ran to an area north of Kellies where got a tip from a friend.Was watching the water clarity as we made our way east through south passage.Did see a pack of boats jigging near starve reef.The water was pretty muddy the whole ride but saw a few boats working the area we were heading to.Noticed the water clearing as we neared several boats working that transition line.Set out 4 rods with bandits and leads from 55-80.Got first fish on a pooh bear purple at 60 lead and was a nice eater.Forgot to mark the location on my hand held GPS.My buddy does not know how to set his unit to see trails or putting down icons.We ended up fishing from 5-8pm.Went 4 for 6 of all eaters.Tried to keep speed from 1.4 -1.6 mph.Got half fish on IB frozen and other half on pooh bear purple bandits.Caught at 60 and 70 leads.Did hear other on radio catching at 100 leads and moving a little faster than us.As I'm typing this post,watching the masters and got eyes on Erie from my parents lake house.No boats out and the lake is rocking and getting dirtier.Gonna get our 4 fish cleaned at Bays edge when they open at 11am and get a couple fish cooked up at Jolly Rogers for dinner.Hard to beat fresh fish meal.

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    Nice to have a place where you can kick back and watch the lake!

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    Yeah Kent parents got a lake house right on beach right across from Krogers.Beats a long drive early morning or after a long day.Got my eyes on the gulf down in Sarasota.Parents got a place there too.

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    Do your parents need any more grown kids!!!!

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    I may be big but working on growing up.Lucky to still have my parents too.

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