Launched at Fenwick Marina at daylight and headed NE. Found good marks out front of Sand Beach/Davis Besse in 12-13 ft, but no takers. After trying a couple spots in between we headed toward the pack near Locust Reef. Stayed on the west side of the group in 15-17 ft of (dirty) water. Water temps were around 44, with 1-2 footers early, building as the morning progressed. Good marks, but slow bite. Only one fish on each of the first two drifts, one on jig and plastic and one on purple hair jig. Third drift we picked up 3, all on blade baits, white and purple - slow lift and drop. Three more on the next drift on the blade baits and then they shut down around 11:30. It got rockin out there and we went in around 1pm with 7 eaters in the box for this husband and wife team.