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    it was the guts and that of 50+ walleye, if I recall and or read it correctly
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    I thought there used to be possession limits listed on the Ohio fishing regulations. I don't see the possession limits listed anymore.

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    In Ohio,

    I would think you would still be able to fish, you would just have to release or fish for something else.?

    I would agree, if the fish are in releasable condition in a livewell. Throw them in a cooler as many boats do and that is no longer an option. At that point it's hard to say your fishing for something else with a full spread of "walleye" baits out.

    I've watched some of the jigging boats have a caption or mate on the bow fishing. While the crew is "getting the hang of it" they are well on their way to/past their limit to help the customers fill theirs. It's a fairly common occurrence just not something enforced.

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