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    Default Ice Out Report...3/12/19

    Here's the first good satellite picture we've had since the ice blew out overnight on Saturday night and into Sunday with those strong SW winds.

    With the warmer temps, rain, and wind direction forecast for the rest of the week, there's a chance even that ice out there will disappear. Fingers crossed!

    Click the link for a full size view of this satellite pic...
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    Just saw webcam picture of three boats off lakeside.Probably launched from Mazurics.That satellite picture Juls posted shows ice jammed in that northern passage.Got good wind next three days from south at 24mph tomorrow to SW Friday to 22mph and west 16mph on Saturday,that should blow some to all that ice out of there.At the least,will keep ice from drifting south.Forcast calls for calm winds Sun,Mon and Tue, but that is too far to rely on.I would say that there will be some fishing Sunday and by the following weekend a lot of boats out fishing.Water clarity looks good too on the satellite picture.With the wind forcast,should not make it much worse.Be safe in these cold water temps and a lot of floating debris.Send pics of your big fish.

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    I have been checking the satellite image every chance I get and I seen the one that was posted the day of and big ole smile came on my face. I am coming up the last weekend of the month to bring my boat up for the year. I am dropping my boat off for a service then coming back up the first week of April to pick boat up and maybe get some fishing in! The time is coming!

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    Amazing how the ice flows can move!

    All the ice that was locked in around the north side of South Bass Island, it was all there yesterday afternoon, in now ALL GONE. It had to have been blow up north into Canadian waters. Too thick to have melted. You can see a few pieces floating around in some of the webcam views, but the big sheets are gone.

    Next Satellite view will probably show it all up against the North shoreline. SO - anyone going out needs to remember the ice has not melted, it's just moved to the north. Until it melts it will continue to be a potential hazard out there. BE Safe!

    Ontario - North shore ice.

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