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    Default Trolling with the Ulterra and the E-TEC in Tadem...:)

    While I was out walking the Dexter Meister this afternoon, I received a message asking if I would Blog about how I use my Minn-Kota and my baby E-TEC together, to control my speed, direction, and the life of the batteries.

    When I am trolling at a speed that needs to be above power level 5 on the Ulterra, I'll fire up the kicker, and lock it in the straight position.

    I'll set the Ulterra's power level to 4 or 5 and then watch the speed on my remote, as I adjust the kicker's RPMs to match the speed I desire. I'm now pushing the boat with the kicker and using the Ulterra for steering. At this point, I check the remotes speed with the Humminbird's SOG display, and make any adjustments as needed.

    Typically, I know that on a good day the power 5 level will easily pull the boat along at 1.5-1.7 miles an, the dual motor technique is a tactic I use for anything over that speed.

    Wind, waves, and current will dictate my speed at any given time. Depending on what direction I'm going in relation to the current I will either need to speed up or slow down. If you don't have a cool toy like the Fish Hawk, that reads the speed at depth, check the baits at the side of the boat to make sure it has the desired action you want. A slow wobble is what I want in the early spring when the water is cold. And, in the warmer summer waters, I want that bait just a wiggling like a wild little thing.

    Paying attention to the changes of those elements, as they happen, can greatly improve your productivity on any given day.

    Capt Ross Robertson wrote a very good article where he discusses speed/current/wind that you might like to read too.... (click the link below or copy/paste it in your browser's search bar) NVrxPG8PJ_098q2NFNqe5Fonag

    The two motor set up also helps keep the batteries from draining too fast, and keeps the starting battery charged up....a win-win.

    I saw some open water out there today as I walked Dexter, and it was much nicer to look at than a lake of ice, so I'm hoping it doesn't freeze up again. Sorry Ice

    Stay tuned....

    Capt Juls

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