Box to hold trolling baits Box to hold trolling baits Box to hold trolling baits Box to hold trolling baits
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    Super nice boxes!

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    I have both Special Mate and B&B boxes. Using Special mate boxes now because they stack nice and can retrieve the baits out of it a lot easier.

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    Sure looks great are these on sale anywhere?

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    Dreamcather the old bait barn has the special mate boxes the cheapest i have seen them anywhere.

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    just ordered the 564 for my sons fishing boat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoytman86 View Post
    I realize that this thread is old but I wanted to add my 2 cents. B&b Bait Boxes are the best solution I have found for storing baits. I have one for my bandits and just called them on Tuesday to talk through a custom box to store my spoons and TT40s and it arrived in the mail today. I have a 967 (96 compartments, 7 inches tall) for the bandits and the new one is a 564 (56 compartments, 4 inches tall) with enough open storage to keep 20+ TT40s plus my swivels and line to tie new leaders. I also have a pair of split ring pliers and extra hooks in there for replacing worn out and broken hooks with plenty of room to spare.

    They float, which is a nice insurance policy for the $1000+ in baits you can keep in them, and they don't have hinges to wear out and break and you don't have all of those stupid tubes to sift through. The map pocket is what I use to store dive curves and the clear grid is great for quickly picking out the color you want

    Last but not least, the owner and his wife are good people that are awesome to work with.

    I have no interest in their company, just a very happy customer and they make a great product.
    I have just ordered a 564, probably later will order the 967

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