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    Default Looking for western basin marina

    Looking for a marina with dock available for 2019 season. Letís hear your recommendations.
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    Fenwick Marine: I've had a boat there for 20 years! Great people,safe:no problem with anybody messing with boat,short ride to fishing grounds. Really clean,great fish cleaning stations.

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    Need a lot more information before recommending. I would imagine so does anyone else.

    Boat size and type (assume power boat).
    Main season (or entire season).
    Main activity / activities.
    People involved (just you and a few friends, family with kids - ages, etc.).
    Amenities you want or require (electric at dock, shower, fish cleaning station, clubhouse, etc.).
    Nearby amenities you want or require.
    Price range.
    Type of place (campground, simple marina, fishing marina, small or large, boat storage, etc.).
    If mostly for fishing prime species or multiple.

    All this will determine not only the location between Oregon and Sandusky but the type of marina.

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    meinke marina takes boats up to 60' so they can handle fishing boats. its a great place to dock. just about 8 miles south of west sister island and a short run to find fish. look up there web site for more info.

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    Channel Grove If you can get in. Great people who dont mind sharing information. The docks are solid deep water all way out to lake. Only 5 minutes to the lake. except for the early season you will be close to fish all summer. Did I mention the people?

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    fenwick area is good for fishing from mich waters to middle- east sister to PIB...channelgrove area is better for fishing the bass ialands and up to Canada like pele and over east of kellys down to you have bass around the islands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echo View Post
    Looking for a marina with dock available for 2019 season. Letís hear your recommendations.
    Still a few docks open at Rocky Point RV Park and Marina, but it is seasonal only.

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    ECHO - Answer West Basin's questions below and you will get the exact information you need.

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