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    Default Ice Fishing Season 2019

    I'll start the conversation. Weather forecast looks great for solid freeze-up. Today through Tuesday bitter cold, then a little "warm" spell for two days, then end of next week through the following week very cold again. Harbors and bays froze over and the near shore Lake areas are also freezing (webcams).

    All you ice guides and Lake locals - when do you think we'll get good enough ice to seriously (and "safely" ) begin ice fishing?

    Looking forward to deploying underwater cameras to record fish behavior and also an online live streaming ice fishing camera. If anyone is interested in helping with either send me a PM or leave a message here.

    West Basin

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    The Toledo Blade had an article Sunday about how fast the lake can freeze if the wind does not prevent if from happening. The article talked about how we have had a long slow time to get the water column cold, so this could be the setup we need to have some good ice made quickly. Also was discussed the ice seasons since the year 2000. Some years the ice forms mid Jan, one year it was mid February and it went to the end of March and it was a great year for catching fish. After Sat night and Sunday night cold, it would seem we have a good chance to be on the ice soon.

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    Always wondering, who is the first crazy that ventures out there to make sure the ice is safe. I remember last year I was off Catawba and there was 6"+ but the current was ripping under us and if we fell through we would've been swept under. Hope everyone stays safe when ice finally thickens.

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    Any info on east harbor or Sandusky bay. Would like to bring my boy up Saturday to try east harbor. What is ice conditions. Info would be appreciated. I live about 2 hours away. Thanks.

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    father in law told me he saw a segment on 10tv news about a family of 4 out on the bay ice fishing that fell through. dont sound like anyone died. I dont know what area of the bay they were at when they fell through, maybe some areas have better ice than others, but i personally don't think it's been cold enough long enough to make safe ice. maybe on east doesn't see the wind or wave action that the bay sees.

    but b4 this little few cold days there was still area where the water was 36/37. even though it was cold there was alot of wind......that doesn't help
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